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Interview: Piktorama’s Delectable Design

Filled with smiling toasters, teapots, and cupcakes, how can you not fall in love with the playful and upbeat designs of Piktorama (aka Amaranta)? Born and raised in South America, Piktorama spent a majority of her youth in Caracas and her later art making years in Buenos Aires. Currently residing in Miami, Piktorama combines her talents as an illustrator, animator and fine artist. Piktorama’s main inspiration: cupcakes, a delicious treat for any artistic or culinary palate. It’s certainly a recipe for success. Her stimulating artwork is catching the eyes – and taste-buds – of designers and food critics alike as her vibrant designs bring to life one of life’s greatest pleasures. Check out our Q&A with this irresistible Latina to learn more about her perfect taste in desserts and patterns.

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PP:  How would you describe your aesthetic?

PIKTORAMA: Playful and whimsical.

PP:  Describe your collaborations with other artists.

PIKTORAMA: I haven’t had the experience to work with another artist just yet, but it’s something that I’ll do someday. What I have done is to participate in a project where several artists use the same theme to create their own unique work. The result is a body of art with similar topics yet drastically different outcomes. It is really amazing to see and be a part of. I really like that.

PP: Who inspires you?

PIKTORAMA: Love, friendship, music and cupcakes.

PP: How do color and pattern play a role in your work?

PIKTORAMA: These are the most important elements in my work. In almost all my creations I include colors and patterns, if not, textures. I’ve done black and white illustrations too, but is a real challenge for me.

PP: How does your culture and background affect your work?

PIKTORAMA: It doesn’t really affect it because my work is more based on my daily experiences. It depends on what I’ve done that day, what I’ve seen, my sense of humor, so it’s more a day-to-day experience that influences what I put on paper. I usually joke around a lot so that’s why you can find a lot of foolishness and happy characters in my work.

Coverage by: Rebecca Silver


One a Day Patterns from Elena Giavaldi

After emerging from the black hole of distraction that is twitter, I can happily justify the past half hour, as a chain of clicks, originating from Julia Rothman, lead me to the Italian graphic designer, Elena Giavaldi. Her work is wonderful – sharp, crisp and interesting with quirky variety throughout. Giavaldi’s latest project, One Day, One Pattern couldn’t be more appropriate for Pattern Pulp, and reminds me a bit of Jessica Hische‘s Daily Drop Cap Project. So much regularly scheduled art to look forward to, very exciting for those seeking to be inspired!

Budget: Klaus Haapaniemi for Iittala

Imagine waking up every morning to a cup of coffee fit for a fairytale. Reminiscent of Nordic storytelling, Klaus Haapaniemi‘s illustrations are sweet, intricate and extremely sought after these days. Titled by WGSN as one of “the most important rising stars in illustration and design,” it’s no surprise why Iittala has chosen to adorn their tableware with his illustrations. The best part about it all? The entire collection’s on sale at Gilt Groupe today.

Budget: For the Statement Traveler

Every once in a while I’ll re-post relevant sample sales to Pattern Pulp. Today’s Britto offering from One Kings Lane is particularly fun, as I remember putting this pattern on a mood board this past summer. Keith Haring inspired pop art has infiltrated fashion campaigns across the globe, from Coach to Comme des Garcon to Marc Jacobs. For a bit of art in an indestructible roller bag, check out the sale before they’re all gone!

Homegoods: Kelly Wearstler for Pickard

Kelly Wearstler is a force to be reckoned with. Carving out a stylish nook for herself in the home-goods sector, she’s managed to capitalize on Hollywood’s desire to be decadent and different. You’d be sleeping under a rock if you’ve missed all of her carefully placed press editorials over the past month. Everyone from The New Yorker to Lonny Magazine to Elle Decor in Australia has weighed in to compliment her maximalist style and make note of her new book, Hue. Wearstler is a well crafted luxury brand and has skillfully inked deals with like-minded product labels, such as Schumacher, Sferra and Bergdorf Goodman, expanding her reputation, influence and quite frankly, her appeal. This collection of Pickard China is one of her latest collaborations and a perfect example of what a style EKG can do to an otherwise stiff brand.

Top Ten Pattern Designers of the Year

As 2010 quickly approaches, we’d like to leave you with a quick highlight of some of the best and brightest patterns we’ve seen over the past year. We know you all love lists and it just makes sense to wrap up the year with designs that are indicative of our past, present, and most importantly, our future. Everyone knows you can knock a pattern off with ease, it happens at a daily basis in mass market offices across the globe, however it’s the designers that remove themselves from this equation and create from the heart, infusing personality, cultural references and style that truly catches our eye. Enjoy, and feel free to add anyone you think we may have missed at the bottom. All the best and happy new year! See you in January.

1. Matt W. Moore

2. Abigail Reynolds

3. Mike Perry

4. Marcel Wanders

5. Julia Rothman

6. Dan Funderburgh

7. Geoff Mcfetridge

8. Famille Summerbelle

9. Simon Page

10. Katharina Trudzinski

East Meets West by Naeem Khan

By now, we’re all familiar with the glamorous evening gown worn by Michelle Obama at their first White House State dinner. In celebration of the guests of honor, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife, Gursharan Kaur, Obama chose a piece by Naeem Khan, an Indian born designer who’s best known for outfitting royalty and celebrities across the globe. Khan is truly a renaissance man when it comes to embellishment. Fusing traditional beading techniques with modern sensibility, each collection bears dynastic influences, most evident by the exaggerated neck adornments and sari-like draping. Using intricate mirrors, beads, crystals, sequins, paillettes, rhinestones and chains, Khan’s stain glass effects, geometric mosaics and graphic adornments, make his collection one to watch.

Coverage By: Version: Aysha Ibtasam