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Trend: Bold and Beaded

When’s the last time your neckline stole the show? Be it a formal affair or a casual day at work, it seems as though women are opting for the boldest jewelry they can find. The floating necklace from yesteryear is nothing but a dainty memory as these statement pieces take a front seat. Be it a high-end Fenton jumble, a bugle-beaded grosgrain ribbon, barbed-wire metallics or enlarged romantic charms, designers are pulling out all the stops and giving women a reason to shop.

These mixed media accessories are carefully crafted using unconventional materials such as painted shells, leather, lace, feather, rope, glass, zippers, fabric, mesh, stones, polymer clay and wood. Just as chefs use their leftovers for next day’s specials, these masterpieces have a crafty homemade appeal that are true attention grabbers. Michelle Obama’s already jumped on the bandwagon, so why be shy? It seems like fun to resemble a 3D Rauschenberg.

Trend Coverage by: Aysha Ibtasam


Follow up: The Spherical Formula

Spherical designs are so common they probably deserve their own “feature” button on Pattern Pulp. That being said, it’s important to identify with designs that speak to you, as having a discriminating eye can help sift through the clutter.  Both of these layouts share a similar palette and emit a playfulness that’s easily transferrable for commercial use. In the latest issue of Theme Magazine, Peter Sutherland curates a stunning layout inspired by the spirit of freedom. This photo, shot by Hannah Whitaker, is a true embodiment of this concept. Paralleling this theme, Valentino’s recently released book, A Grand Italian Epic, converts a typographic pinwheel into an iconic status, the perfect symbol for a timeless brand.

The Herringbone Collective

Herringbone is about as popular as plaid. That being said, the variations in execution keep it fresh from season to season. Designers are continually reinventing the wheel, breathing life into this timeless classic. Ari Heckman, a development consultant and interior designer based in New York City, uses a wide array of materials, such as carrera marble, glass and metal when tiling this pattern for various clients. “I enjoy using textured patterns that reference men’s suiting for interior settings.  There’s something about the translation from fabric to a more durable material, like marble or stone, that’s very exciting to me.” The examples above showcase glass work from Noho Star, a restaurant in New York, a piece of graffiti on 23rd Street in Chelsea, Nero Marquina marble, a leather woven Cole Haan handbag, colorful woodwork in the children’s department at Printemps in Paris and a yarn stitched pillow that’s currently on sale at Urban Outfitters.

Holiday Windows in Paris

A few weeks ago we went to Paris on a trending trip for one of our clients. Along the way, we shot imagery, left and right, as everything caught our eye! Few places are more inspirational during holiday season and we wanted to share a few of our favorite and most relevant window shots with you.

Creative Sleighs

The idea of the sleigh will never go away and Printemps has reinvented the idea this season with a few clever solutions. Lucky cats double as carousels, blending eastern and western themes with the use of color and costume. Contrasting the slick porcelain sleigh, needle point horse and chariots sit a few windows away, giving the concept of decoupage new meaning.

Pretty in Pink

Be it evil chucky babies or over sized matryoshka dolls, Parisians are pulling at feminine strings, combing pink palettes with textured backdrops. The babies and their necklaces can be found in the Marais, while the Russian dolls are part of a Chanel series at Printemps.

Paper Graphics

H&M is a little different in Europe. The merchandise is slightly less chaotic and the attention to detail is more on target. The overarching theme this season embraces the doll house, incorporating a multitude of printed box tops to achieve this effect. Taping less vivid palettes on the interior retail displays, 3D/2D illustrations cover the back walls, reminding us what Audrey Hepburn’s closet would look like if she chose to collaborate with H&M.

White Wonderland

Be it an orbiting headdress from Chanel or a glistening crown from Printemps, white is the safest and most glamorous color choice for the holiday season, particularly when paired with gold. Be it paper, branches, toule or pearl, both of these windows seem to have taken a page out of Ralph Lauren’s playbook.

Figurine Storytelling

Tugging at the customer’s inner child. these two windows remind us of Toy Story, from both the masculine and feminine perspective. Warrior play sets battle through mens merchandise while pink doll sets tumble though pink ribbon obstacle courses.

Fashion: The Cosby Comeback

Ah, the infamous Cosby sweater. We’re all aware of the jokes that defined much of the 80’s.  Fast forward a few decades and it seems like the creative folks at American ApparelCalvin Klein and Oxbow for Colette are tapping this fun-house style for their latest lines. While the mismatched textures are somewhat overwhelming, the cuts are modern and the themes coherent, allowing customers of all ages to take part in this pattern bazar.  It’s also interesting to note MC Esher and Dali’s influences continuing on into winter. We wonder if Patricia Field will be the next visionaire to jump on board, as these textures seem like a seamless fit for her eclectic style.

Trend: Mexican Masks

Whether you’re a fan of Santogold, Santigold or La Lucha Libre, knowing who any of these characters are means you’re clued into the Mexican wrestling scene (or you’re just a fan of good music). Variety acts such as these are joining the nightlife ranks, proving America’s fascination with Mexican culture is moving well beyond the menu.  Hola Mexico, a Mexican film festival, made the rounds this past summer, gaining support from corporate sponsors such as American Airlines, Chipotle, Dos Equis and Taco Bell.  Proving this trend is beginning to penetrate more traditional female markets, home good stores, such as Propeller Modern in San Francisco, are filling their shelves with Mexican inspired knickknacks. This glitter-lined tiger-striped piggy bank is just one creative take on this trend, proving the commercial fascination is just getting started.

Art: 2D Tanagrams

Nearly every child is handed a tanagram on their first day of kindergarten. From day one, we’re taught that structures are built from a series of parts and encouraged to play architect on the classroom carpet. These early associations follow us through life and are a reminder that the most complex arrangements are comprised of simple building blocks. This windowsill scene, shot by the talented photographer, The Selby, captures this playful notion as he follows Natalie Wood, a Sydney-based fashion designer around her home. Striping these structures of their volume, Jonathan Runcio uses basic palettes and tonal shapes to convey depth and movement on a 2D surface. The results are stunning and a reminder that life’s continually an asymmetrical balancing act.