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Event: Alt. Design Summit

Boy do I wish I could join the tech savvy troupes in Utah this weekend for Alt Design Summit, but I have prior obligations of the highest priority – a good friend’s wedding here in New York! See the list below- if you can check 3 or more items, you belong at the heart of the snowy action tomorrow!

Who Should Attend Alt?

1. People that love talking about design in all its iterations. What it is. How it’s changing. Why it’s important.

2. People that read sites like Apartment Therapy/drive German cars/subscribe to magazines from Europe.

3. Design or lifestyle bloggers who want to (finally!) meet their fellow design and lifestyle bloggers.

4. People from across all the design disciplines: graphic, industrial, fashion, interior, product, textile. Plus illustrators and photographers too.

5. Business Owners who make pretty things and want to figure out how to get their products on design sites.

6. Advertising Agencies and Marketing firms that want help creating social media campaigns for their design-minded clients.

7. Employees who would love to get credit for working while actually hitting the slopes.

8. People who create inspiration boards.

9. People who look at inspiration boards.

10. Big-Love fans that want to find out if polygamy is for real.

11. Star-struck film fans obsessed with the Sundance hype who want to spend a weekend celebrity sighting.


New Face, New Year.

It feels good to be back. The past two weeks have been filled with round ups, predictions and general anxiousness for the decade ahead. While it’s easy to rev up for the big picture, it’s important not to forget the basic qualities of life that transcend all demographics.  Everyone has sentimental moments and it’s nice to see advertising and product teams shift their focus from gimmicky animation to simplistic messaging. Both American Express and Flor have chosen to step forward and focus on the emotive quality of everyday life. The above stills are part of a captivating TV spot that nearly stopped me in my tracks while running at the gym last week, a difficult feat for a non-TV watcher.

Partnering up with François Robert, Flor’s July release of rugs showcasing graphic imagery from his book, Find a Face are dauntingly similar to Am Ex’s Take Charge Campaign. While this concept certainly isn’t a new one, it’s interesting to see the cross pollination of an idea spread over a few month period.

Artful Antfarms and Social Media


What do ants, art, fashion and social media have in common? We’ve been asking that very question ever since reading Noah Brier’s fascinating take on the power of colonization and it’s relation to the internet. The idea that “ants don’t really ever exist on their own, all their power comes from their ability to organize themselves in groups,” directly parallels social media’s impact online, particularly in relation to traffic, viral marketing and cross pollination.

The use of ant farms to contextualize larger societal microcosms have been popping up in every media form, from literal depictions in Mad Men to more abstract print parallels, such as this Hermès map of Paris. Toying with the idea of national identity and cross pollination, Japanese artist, Yukinori Yanagi brilliantly displays the world through the eyes of  the ant in his 1990 installation entitled, The World Flag Ant Farm. Using a series of interconnected boxes, each filled with colored sand in the pattern of a national flag, Yanagi releases a colony of ants into the system, allowing them to travel freely. “The border crossings” result in an intermingling of color throughout the system, a stunning visualization of our cross-cultural networks. Bringing this concept to the masses on a more playful scale, Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi merge ant farm living with brocade wallpaper patterns, proving mass mobilization can create tangible and beautiful results.

By: Shayna Kulik

Event: Yarnz Sample Sale


Over the past few months, we’ve grown rather fond of Gilt Groupe. It appears we’re not alone, as they’re expected to rake in more than $500 million in revenue in 2010, 20 times what they reaped in 2008. Not bad for an internet start up born at the heart of the recession. Today marks the start of the Yarnz sample sale and we have to say that we’re completely smitten with the patterns on these amazing cashmere scarves. The prints range from artistic and abstract to graphic and playful.

By: Shayna Kulik

Web: Lonny Mag fills Domino’s Shoes


The baton’s been passed, or so it seems, with the premiere issue of Lonny Magazine. Many readers of this site are probably aware that Domino Magazine closed it’s doors at the beginning of the year. While decorating aficionados immediately mourned the death of this inspirational gem, Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, along with a talented team of creatives, banded together to create a new editorial vision for budget savvy decorators. Not only is the online publication a stunning compilation of work, all of the imagery is linkable- an extremely useful tool for readers and advertisers alike. We see a bright future for this magazine and are thrilled there’s a new player in town.

Trend: Virtual Baggage


These days, who doesn’t live life on the go? The ease at which we consume information keeps us moving from one task to the next, allowing us to jump through ideas, facilitate conversations and share moments. With the use of our mobile devises and computers, we are able to navigate through unlimited technology with minimal strain on our physical being. Dr. Susan Blackmore describes this information transferral process in her TED presentation, touching upon evolutionary theory, consciousness, replication and idea convergence between humans and technology. Blackmore, like others, is part of a research movement that’s focused on studying how trends, ideas and epidemics spread throughout human and digital communities.

In visualizing these theories, we have pulled dot-inspired imagery from relevant print, fashion and web sources. Are Your Friends Making You Fat? is a recent NYTimes piece by Clive Thompson which focuses on social contagion in the world of networking.  Merging fashion with technology, Commes de Garcon embraces pointillism with this atom inspired undershirt. Cisco insinuates global communication using colorful dots while Stella McCartney pares down to blue and green with her Whatever It Takes tote. Nancy Macko adds a truly organic touch with her artful study of the honey bee and Tatiana Plakhova embodies the idea of networkism in her two-toned fiber optic-looking graphic.

Collaborative coverage by: Kelsey-Lee LeGassick and Shayna Kulik

Event: Thomas Paul Sample Sale


We seem to give One King’s Lane a lot of love here on Pattern Pulp, but it’s hard not to when bags like this pop up in our inbox! Today marks the start of Thomas Paul’s tote and pillow sample sale.  Paul got started as a textile intern at DKNY, then branched off as a colorist and designer for a silk mill, Bill Blass, and Calvin Klein. He then ultimately started his own line of patterned home goods and textiles. Each print is vibrant, thoughtful and a true representation of bold elegance.  Pop into this online sample sale for a refresher course on how to cross-pollinate your brand.