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Homegoods: Monogram Motifs


There will always be a market for monogramming.  Be it on backpacks, stationary or towels, this customized marker is a sign of true ownership. “Monogramming transforms what’s off the rack into ones own. Even knowing that initials are hidden inside clothing or jewelry makes me feel special. I also like hunting for silver that’s marked with a monogram- either my own letters someone else’s,” says Elizabeth Sigal, a Pattern Pulp friend and Brand Strategist based in Austin, Texas. Elizabeth Bauer, an interior designer and shop owner in Manhattan, endorsed this tradition earlier this year, stocking tiger-striped dishes with more traditional type combinations. Tapping this trend that fuses color, prep and patterns, Pottery Barn Teen has just released their back to school collection, proving that animal prints and initials can transcend age, season and income bracket.


Home: Insect Kingdoms in Paris


If you pay attention, you’ll almost always notice art imitating life and vice versa. I find this most exciting when unexpected trends weave their way through a city I am unaccustomed to. This was the case on a recent trip to Paris. While exploring the Marais, I stumbled across the most beautiful collection of hand painted silk pillows. The beetle toss was a high-end approach to playful décor. This beetle theme consistently reappeared in various stores – most interestingly as a woven monogram at Printemps. Later on in the day, on a more guided stroll through the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, I stumbled upon a beautiful collection of preserved butterflies. The color, composition and collection were impeccable. A commercial version of this natural wonder is translated well as individually printed insect candles from Elizabeth’s Embellishments.