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Holiday Windows in Paris

A few weeks ago we went to Paris on a trending trip for one of our clients. Along the way, we shot imagery, left and right, as everything caught our eye! Few places are more inspirational during holiday season and we wanted to share a few of our favorite and most relevant window shots with you.

Creative Sleighs

The idea of the sleigh will never go away and Printemps has reinvented the idea this season with a few clever solutions. Lucky cats double as carousels, blending eastern and western themes with the use of color and costume. Contrasting the slick porcelain sleigh, needle point horse and chariots sit a few windows away, giving the concept of decoupage new meaning.

Pretty in Pink

Be it evil chucky babies or over sized matryoshka dolls, Parisians are pulling at feminine strings, combing pink palettes with textured backdrops. The babies and their necklaces can be found in the Marais, while the Russian dolls are part of a Chanel series at Printemps.

Paper Graphics

H&M is a little different in Europe. The merchandise is slightly less chaotic and the attention to detail is more on target. The overarching theme this season embraces the doll house, incorporating a multitude of printed box tops to achieve this effect. Taping less vivid palettes on the interior retail displays, 3D/2D illustrations cover the back walls, reminding us what Audrey Hepburn’s closet would look like if she chose to collaborate with H&M.

White Wonderland

Be it an orbiting headdress from Chanel or a glistening crown from Printemps, white is the safest and most glamorous color choice for the holiday season, particularly when paired with gold. Be it paper, branches, toule or pearl, both of these windows seem to have taken a page out of Ralph Lauren’s playbook.

Figurine Storytelling

Tugging at the customer’s inner child. these two windows remind us of Toy Story, from both the masculine and feminine perspective. Warrior play sets battle through mens merchandise while pink doll sets tumble though pink ribbon obstacle courses.


Street: Figuratively Freakish


Conformist installations have started to emerge throughout European retail displays.  From militaristic mannequins wearing Eres lingerie, to gold bunny gardens at Printemps, to soldier-style figurines in Amsterdam, the idea of sameness is popping up in the most unlikely of places.  Be it unstable economics or adverse politics, retail is embracing the notion of unity, hoping to curtail risky business, taking creative (and creepy) measures.


Gieves and Hawkes, in traditional British fashion, caters to the military man gone CEO. The grid of suits in this window display is a playful throwback to army line-ups of yesteryear.  Kozyndan, a creative duo from Santa Monica, highlight the Japanese Maneki Neko in their Weezer illustration entited, “The Link and the Witch.”  A marching band of lucky cats let loose in perfect porcelain formation.

Home: Insect Kingdoms in Paris


If you pay attention, you’ll almost always notice art imitating life and vice versa. I find this most exciting when unexpected trends weave their way through a city I am unaccustomed to. This was the case on a recent trip to Paris. While exploring the Marais, I stumbled across the most beautiful collection of hand painted silk pillows. The beetle toss was a high-end approach to playful décor. This beetle theme consistently reappeared in various stores – most interestingly as a woven monogram at Printemps. Later on in the day, on a more guided stroll through the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, I stumbled upon a beautiful collection of preserved butterflies. The color, composition and collection were impeccable. A commercial version of this natural wonder is translated well as individually printed insect candles from Elizabeth’s Embellishments.