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Trend: Designing Frequencies


We seem to be taking our patterns back to the basics lately; finding new and interesting facets to things we see in everyday life — focusing on form rather than utility. Recently, we’ve been noticing an increase in the use of sound waves as a design element. With instant access to fresh new tunes served daily from music influencer sites such as RCRD LBL or Pitchfork, the general population has been able to “see” their music that was once invisible. Illustrating this concept in the most tactile of ways, Lorick’s SS ’09 collection romanticizes the audio file, while this New York Time’s info graphic proves that chaos and structure can be balanced with the simple use of argyle. This cone shell forces us to acknowledge nature’s ongoing influence, making us ask- what came first the ocean wave or the sound wave?

Additional contributions by: Emily Gup


Homegoods: Tactile Topography

tactile topography

In our modern times, filled with GPS and GoogleMaps, it’s no wonder that we seem to have developed a fascination for knowing where we are at all times. It’s reached a new level of poignancy to be able to locate yourself as well as peer over your neighborhood from above, observing it’s grid-like form. This sentiment is popping up in various textile projects and is most successfully executed by Emily Fischer of Haptic Labs and Marcello Campa and Stefano Avesani of the Instant Hutong Project. While Fischer references the borough of Brooklyn, quilting on silk dupioni, Campa and Avesani explore the Hutong districts throughout downtown Beijing.  Regardless of the landscape, both works bring a permanency to topography that has become nearly extinct with technology’s latest advances.  Nowadays lines are blurred so easily perhaps there is a certain comfort in being able to see and feel the things that don’t change so easily.

Compiled by: Emily Gup

Artist Profile: Cut-Out Couture with Dale Kaplan


Achieving Queen-Bee status of cut-out couture isn’t an easy feat, but for Dale Kaplan, a Brooklyn-based textile designer, it’s  a walk in the park, or shall we say playground.  Patch-working minimalist words with vintage fabrics, Kaplan has made a name for herself, adorning kids’ playrooms with whimsical pillows, clothing and window panels.  Inspired by nature, Kaplan often alludes to the notion of time, using spring and autumn to communicate her message.  Her creations can be found at ABC Home and Carpet, Garnet Hill, Wonk‘s Dumbo hub and other high-end children’s boutiques.