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Interview: Thakoon via The JC Report


He beat us to the punch! Jason Campbell of the JC Report just interviewed one of our favorite pattern designers, Thakoon Panichgul.  Check out his Q+A for a glimpse into the world of this fashion wunderkind.


Fashion Forward Dadaism


When Michelle Obama opted for Thakoon at the Democratic National Convention this past summer, his commercial success soared.  Luckily for the pattern world, Thakoon Panichgul’s pieces are wonderfully risky, striking a playful balance of progressive elegance.  This spring/summer 09 silk skirt, which is currently on display at Colette, showcases one type of “hair” that the fashion and beauty worlds are collectively approving: the eyelash.  The longer the lash, the sexier the subject and Thakoon spotlights this obsession by sensationalizing the subject matter and removing all context.   Though it may be a stretch to make Dada comparisons, Thakoon’s styles certainly prode our inner obsessions, presenting political fodder for the fashion forward.

Additional contributions by Emily Gup.